Thursday, June 3, 2010

Bad Dreams

Bad dreams again last night. An eerie phone call, a familiar face with a sinister voice, a chase scene, vague sexual overtones, and I was evil somehow. I hate that. You wake up feeling sick with guilt and disoriented about reality.

“Where am I? Did I just kill someone? Who is that sleeping beside me? Somebody find a priest pronto!” When you finally conclude that it was a dream you’re simultaneously relieved and flustered. “Alright, cancel the confession but I want a sleep refund. That was not restful.”

It always happens to me on the road. Call me crazy but I blame the demons. Who knows who slept in my bedroom and what kind of weird nonsense they were into. I don’t know how it all works but somehow they managed to leave a spiritual residue. Don’t laugh, these are the cumulative conclusions of a chronically sleep deprived mind.

Maybe I’m possessed. Maybe I’m oppressed. Maybe I have a weak psyche. Maybe I should dab some oil on a doorpost. I don’t know what your demonology is, but I’m confused. It’s all too complicated for me.

I’ve read books by people who have developed comprehensive registries of all the demons and step-by-step procedures for their respective exorcisms. I’m not going to lie, it strikes me as a bit goofy. “You’re telling me there’s a demon of chocolate? And I want to cast him out, why? Bring me another Snickers.”

On the other hand, I can’t deny that the spiritual realm is real and powerful. I believe Paul when he says that my battle isn’t against flesh and blood, but I’m not ready to call every mundane disturbance an attack. Maybe it was just too much hot sauce?

But I’m in no position to be critical. I just want to sleep peacefully. Maybe I can invent some sort of mosquito net to keep out the wacky dreams. We could call it a Dream Catcher and do various chants to make it work. No, wait, that’s Voodoo, bad idea.

I guess what I’m really wondering is if Christian spiritual warfare can get warped and become nothing better than Pagan spiritual warfare. Cause sometimes it seems like it. And if so, what do I do? Paul, I could use a little help here.


  1. Matt,

    Dealing with 'on the road' demons or any demons really isn't as complicated as folks make it sound. I'm sensitive to that stuff when I sleep too - Nate sleeps like a rock but I have bad dreams - especially if we're traveling. We just say a prayer for our dreams before bed and lately I've been adding: "God make me aware of what is going on in my dream." If I'm aware that I'm dreaming and therefore under attack I can send it packing in Jesus name. We have that authority. Period. We don't have to put up with it! Greater is He that is in us than He that is in the world!


  2. Boy, have I been there! When I really needed help while I was suffering with depression (and other things) the reaction that I received from my old church we served at was that I was possessed, and that I just needed to pray more and have the 'demon' cast out of me. When actually, I had some pretty severe emotional issues that I had to change. Sometimes I think in the church, people use "you're possessed" as an excuse not to invest the time and energy into someone who needs serious help. It's sad, but true. So after countless nights of talking with my amazing husband, 1 1/2 years of counseling and group therapy I began to see victory. It still comes back from time to time, but i know have the skills that I need to deal with my issues. I do believe in deliverance ministry but I believe that the Lord uses different avenues to reach it. I have had many thoughts like: "why doesn't God just take it away!" "why can't I just say a prayer and be done with it" but sometimes HE has other plans. Plans that are bigger than our own, that someday we'll understand why... You are on the right path. I pray that you and Danielle are encouraged.