Tuesday, October 9, 2012

What's New? (Part 2 of 3)

Last month the Wilmots threw a going away party for Dani!
To catch you up on our adventures, I promised some rapid-fire stories of the last twelve months. Here's a reverse countdown of "verbal snapshots" of Dani and me over the last year... enjoy! :)

14. I dropped my Anatomy course in October 2011, abandoning my short-lived dream of a nursing career.

13. Dani got an A+ in that course and every other pre-req she took, was accepted into an elite, accelerated nursing program at the University of Rochester, and started classes three weeks ago. (She’s currently swamped!)

12. I wrote four chapters of a novel before deciding I didn't understand my topic well enough to write insightfully, and temporarily abandoned the project

11. Dani and I enjoyed the happiest holiday season of our marriage. We played an epic Thanksgiving football game where she did NOT break any bones, and on Christmas Eve she took her brother to watch the Bills trounce Tim Tebow.

10. Dani-the-Nanny visited the Florida Keys three times between December and April with her favorite kids! Last month she trained her sisters to take over so she could focus on nursing, but she still drops in to visit.

9. In January we went on a cruise to the Bahamas with two of our favorite friends, Greg and Lucy. We rented mopeds in Nassau and zipped around the island at breakneck speeds. Later we learned that most Americans who do this literally break their necks.

8. In January I wrote a blog, planning to get back into it, but I wasn’t ready. I decided to spend my evenings hanging out with Dani instead. Best plan ever! We must have tripled our fun quotient, and quadrupled our Dream-About-the-Future-Together quotient.

Stay tuned, tomorrow I'll post the top 7! :)


~ Matt

PS - In case you're curious, I'm posting here - a blog which I haven't used for more than two years - because my old blog died of a virus (and my subsequent failure to renew it's contract).

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