Saturday, May 29, 2010


Dear God,

Thanks for my wife. She's hot!


~ Matt

PS - How did you make her so perfect? I thought you always split up the good qualities among everybody. You clearly made an exception for Danielle. You gave her ALL the good qualities! Don't get me wrong, I'm so grateful that you gave her to me. She's the best!

For example, she let me skip church the other week. And the week before. And possibly the one before that too. It was awesome! I think the best part was that she didn't make me feel dirty or shameful about it. It was weird. Usually I feel so much guilt about things like that. Realizing that she loves me anyway almost makes me want to go to church. Almost.

It did result in my attendance last week, so that's something. I was planning on taking full advantage of my new freedom to do the wrong thing when I saw her brushing her teeth and my heart melted. Two minutes later we were bounding out the door, hand in hand, on our way to the scariest place in the world. I survived, but only by using my secret escape route through the children's wing.

But sometimes her wonderfulness feels like it makes my horribleness even more pronounced. Like today when I was lying lazily on the couch and she was scurrying around preparing for our vacation. You'd think that her busyness would be enough to mobilize me, but you'd be wrong. And to top off her kindness she insisted on filling up the gas tank while I fooled around with my blog. I made a halfhearted effort to go instead, but ultimately asked her to grab me another soda on her way out.

I'm officially the worst husband ever. It's a good thing you don't have a return policy on these sorts of arrangements because I think she ought to have a refund.


  1. she got a good deal, don't you worry!

  2. Awesome. I love a husband appreciating his wife!

    Does sound like you married up.
    But don't worry - I'd say you're on the road to deserving her someday :)

  3. nice blog, welcome to the club matt
    tell spidy....the pieces do come together

  4. Well done on finding a good woman. After being really active in our church and in leadership, returning to church with a pregnant belly and not being married was one of the most humiliating things I've ever had to do. I totally get you on the escape route. Look down, don't talk to anyone... But thank God for people with grace.

  5. Matt Drake~

    There's something about marrying a person who actually "walks the walk" that can be soooo unnerving.. It is inspiring, annoying, amazing, and such a blessing wrapped up in the shameful fear that one day they'll wake up and discover the awful truth that they can do SOOO much better than you... They are like one of those close-up mirrors held up to you to magnify all of the flaws that you thought that you were covering up. But then you realize that they are more than your spouse. More than your best friend. More than the only one who knows the whole truth about who you really are. They are the one that God sent to love you through this nightmare, even though you feel sorry about that role. It makes me feel so unbelievably loved by God to have such a spouse too, bro.

  6. I was listening to my iPod and "The Luckiest" came on...I thought of your wedding and this post! Except I think she's lucky to have you, too, even when you might not agree. :)