Friday, July 16, 2010


I'm taking a break from public blogging. I'm not entirely sure how long it will last. There are currently some questions about its impact on me and others that need to be resolved. Thanks for reading, and I'll let you know when I come back. :)

Until next time...


  1. You suck. I hate you!

  2. Anonymous, you spineless crap-sucker - that better be a sarcastic insider joke. Otherwise, I'm gonna beat you with sock full of sand and take you for a walk in the woods with a shovel and a bag of lyme.

    Sorry, I stopped by to get caught up and I don't handle disappointment well. I'm just lashing out and Anonymous seems like such and easy target - I certainly can't lash out at Bethany, or Joann.

    Your blog has been really refreshing to read and the discourse was inspiring. Too often there is a lack of good discourse and honesty in the church and it was great to engage in some here.

    Too bad you can't publish blank blogs and just let us keep commenting - see where that goes.

    This stinks, I think I'm gonna go find anonymous and key his car. . . . or not.

  3. If nothing else Matt, it helped open up some great dialogue for some wounded people. It also provided direction in praying for you personally and for others. I respect your decision but have to say I do miss your blog.

  4. what the hell?!?! Come back. Now!

    Just kidding. Go ahead. Take your time and... find yourself, or whatever. We'll be here when you get back. You are coming back, right??

  5. I miss your blogs...

    I really would comment on blank blogs if that's all you updated.

    I hope you're enjoying your blogging break!

  6. I've revisited about 8 times - just curious to see if others are returning to comment. Seriously it's not like visiting a grave - it's like coming back to a place we used to all hangout after we've all been away at college - we all come back but not at the same time anymore and wonder if it will ever be the same. It won't.

    I look fwd to new perspective and new musings. We all got changed in some way - all grew together in some increment. Maybe we all grew a little more honest with ourselves.