Wednesday, October 10, 2012

What's New? (Part 3 of 3)

Checking out Christy's place in China, just before her flight.
Yesterday's post included 7 of 14 verbal snapshots for Dani and me over the last twelve months. In vague chronological order, here are the other 7... :)

7. In January my friend Toby asked if I'd ever come back to Campus Target. I was too shocked to answer seriously but I shook my head and mumbled, "You’re kidding, right?"

6. From January to April I lost almost 40 pounds, and from April to October I gained almost 15. My net loss is around 25 but I'm trying to trend back down before the holidays.

5. From February to June I completed a Life Coaching course, generated half a dozen business ideas, and pestered Dani with incessant brainstorms about my personal mission, vision, and values.

4. On April 1st we moved to downtown Rochester to become cool city folk, and to be closer to U of R for Dani’s school. We immediately sampled every Vietnamese noodle shop in a five mile radius. Done and done.

3. In June, after several powerful conversations with Dani, I asked Toby if Campus Target would ever take me back. We both cried a little. He said we could start working toward my return, and asked if I would help plan the Ethnos Conference in the meantime.

2. I worked my last day of construction on July 31st and immediately began helping with Ethnos. During August I met one-on-one with the 21 CT workers who were there when I hit the wall in 2010. It was a special chance for me to apologize and for them to talk with me individually. I thought it’d be painful, but they overwhelmed me with love and excitement.

1. On September 5, 2012 Dani sported a cute new outfit and zipped over to her first day at the U of R. That same morning, I slipped into my green “Young, Single, Available” shirt and drove, staring at the clouds and fighting back tears, to my first day back with Campus Target. I got a desk and a giant Welcome Back card; Dani got a TON of homework.

Crazy story, right?!

Next week I'll post a few letters written specifically to two different audiences: Those who enjoyed my blogs in 2010 and 2011, and those who did not enjoy my blogs in 2010 and 2011. If you fall into one of those categories, the letters might answer a few questions. Also, feel free to send me an email, Facebook message, or comment below! :)


  1. Read this post with a lump in my throat. So very excited for you, Matt :)
    I'm amazed again at how we end up in the wilderness only to have God lead us back to the same shore where we started, prepared to walk into the land. More than just full-circle.
    Miss you guys. Let us know if your travels get you down in our area. DC has amazing Vietnamese noodle shops.
    (And can I just mention that the Ethnos promo makes me tear up every time I see it? Truly well done.)

  2. Matt, Mike and I still always remember two things: The passion and impact you had for Campus Target and our wonderful dinner -- including our walk in the field -- with you and Dani at our home. You have our full support and prayers always.

  3. Well, I really enjoyed the 2010-11 blogs, so looking forward to hearing more. :)

  4. There you are! I have finally found you.

    We have so much to catch up on. This is a good read. Keep em coming.

  5. Hey, Matt. Thanks for doing a great job with your blog. I found this on your Google Plus page.